Error correction system in Casinos


We have already explained several times that when placing a bet in online casino Singapore, the possibilities are different. You can play in a single on a single event, in multiple, multiple events, or finally, you can prefer the system game. When we talk about systems, we know that there are different types. Let’s go today to analyze the error correction system.


What it is and how it works


The error correction system, or spin, allows the bettor to get a win even if not all the events chosen are guessed. At the base of this bet, there is the principle according to which it is necessary to develop columns eliminating one or more events of the ticket, reducing – consequently – the percentage of error.


The main advantage of defining a play of this type lies in the possibility of winning and going to the cashier even if not all the events are guessed. Consequently, however, decreasing the risk, the share also decreases, and therefore, compared to a full multiple, the proceeds will be slightly lower.


It goes without saying that an error correction system makes sense when predicting complex games or, in any case, at very high odds. If the idea is to create a system of three events with a multiplier of 1.30 or 1.40, the advice is certainly to prefer a classic multiple. If the risk factor is high, the probability of winning drops dramatically, and you will need a method such as the betting system.


How to place an error correction system


We have said that to compose a system; you need at least three events: once selected, the system item must be chosen. Based on the predicted events, the server will automatically suggest the most suitable type of system.


With three events, for example, three system possibilities will appear:


  • 1/3 (3 bets): checking this box and indicating the multiplicative value in the string, the software essentially formulates three multiples in which at least one event must be corrected to achieve the win.
  • 2/3 (3 bets): in this case, the software formulates three multiples in which at least two out of three events must be corrected to achieve the win, i.e., it admits an error correction (as in the previous paragraph). Also, in the lucky box, the platform will show you the total amount to pay, the minimum and maximum potential winnings.
  • 3/3 (1 bet): is a multiple where the minimum and maximum winnings are equal.


Making a mistake with some predictions will not tragically compromise our play, but it will be possible to pursue a good win thanks to the high odds. This bet proposal can be implemented the fixed bet component (check the “fixed” box).


The advantage is certainly that of keeping the overall quota of the system high, but the great disadvantage is that making a mistake with the fixed means compromising and losing the entire system.

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