The types of bets in craps

In the previous article, we looked at the main rules of craps, as reported in all online casinos. Now let’s see the other types of bets, more compelling and with higher winning odds. COME, and DON’T COME bets can only be made after the first roll of the dice.


HOW: to make this type of bet, you must place the chips in the green table’s homonymous space. At this point, the dice will be rolled. If the total is 7 or 11, you will have won double the initial odds. If craps come out (2, 3, 12), you lose everything. With the remaining numbers, also, in this case, the point is fixed, which will be the basis for subsequent throws. The 7 will nullify any hope of winning, while if the point comes first, you will win a double odds.


DON’T COME: the name suggests, again, a complimentary game mode to the COME. In this case, numbers 2 and 3 are winning. The 12th will allow you to reimburse the stake. On 7 and 11, they will make you lose your quota. For the other numbers, the point to be clear, you will win if the 7 comes first.


BETS ON ODDS: it is a type of complement bet, compared to the four already examined: PASS LINE, DON’T PASSA LINE, COME, DON’T COME. In short, you can post a stake after setting the point, with more advantageous wins for the player, up to 3 times the stake.


FIELD: with this type of bet, you can win betting on numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. The bet can be made in subsequent spins; numbers 2 and 12 offer even triple wins, while the remaining numbers double the stakes.


BIG 6 and BIG 8: a particular space for these two numbers are reserved for a corner of the table. You win if the 6 or 8 (to be declared in advance) come out before the 7. The amount collected will be doubled.


PLACE WIN and PLACE LONE: represent two complementary game modes. The first is done placing the chips on the lower edge of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, clearly visible in the center of the game table. You win based on the number chosen if this comes before 7. On the other hand, the PLACE LONE behaves oppositely, with the chips placed on the upper margin of the number.


BUY AND LAY BETS: strongly resemble the previous ones, but with chips marked with the names BUY or LAY, the odds are different.


OTHER BETS: the right side of the table allows different bets on single numbers or particular combinations. The main feature is that the chosen number must come out only in the next roll. Generally, you get bigger but less likely payouts.

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